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Money Money Money Money....Money!

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Tom Haudricourt over at the JS Blogs has the Brewers' balance sheet so far, post-Gagne, clearly inspired by a recent BCB post from that Sackmann character.

In a nutshell (that's right, "nut" and "sack" in the same post):

  • Brewers 2007 payroll: $68 million
  • Salary we kicked to the curb this offseason: $31.21 million
  • Salary we've taken on for 2008: $25.15 million
  • Guaranteed, contractual raises for 2008: $4.2 million
That leaves us $1.8 million (ish) less than last year's payroll.  BUT, we have 8 players eligible for arbitration, two of whom (Bush and Hardy) are eligible for some pretty hefty raises.  Cappy, Aquino, Vargas, and Wise are in that group; I guess I wouldn't be surprised if all four were not part of the team come Spring Training.

Check out that link for the financial details.

Also, the same report noted that Nix cleared waivers and will report to AAA, thus keeping the hope alive that we'll see a Nix/Nixon platoon someday in Miller Park.