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Astros trade for Miguel Tejada

We only had to suffer through two (or more?) years of trade rumors before it finally happened.  The odd thing is that neither Ty Wigginton or Adam Everett was involved in the trade, so one of those guys will have to go to make room for Tejada.

Here is who was involved, including a couple of notable names:

LHP Troy Patton, OF Luke Scott, RHP Matt Albers, RHP Dennis Sarfate and 3B Michael Costanzo.

Patton was a top prospect at this time last year, and is still a viable long-term option.  Sarfate, of course, was a Brewer until recently.  Scott got some talk here as a possible acquisition to play left.   I don't know enough about the Orioles to guess how they'll use him, or if they'd consider flipping him.  If I were Doug Melvin, I'd write that off, because the Orioles seem like an awfully hard team to deal with.

So...Gagne to the Brewers, Fukudome to the Cubs, Tejada to the Astros.  It's a big week in the Central without any clear winner, though the Reds are certainly making noises about deals (Bedard, Haren) that would put them on that list, too.