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St. Louis makes their big move

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It's Jim Edmonds to the Padres for a prospect.  The Cards get some salary relief (though I gather they are sending some money to SD), and a big hole in center field.

The Cards do have a solid CF prospect in Colby Rasmus, but he hasn't played above Double-A, so it's hard to imagine he'll make much of an impact before 2009.  That means there's got to be another move coming.  I would be surprised if the Cards got in on Mike Cameron...that wouldn't be much of an improvement, and it would likely mean multiple years, blocking Rasmus.  Maybe Kenny Lofton as a rental?  Corey Patterson?

Unless the Reds pull off something big, this is increasingly looking like another year of Cubs-Brewers, and not much else.  The Astros might have made themselves worse even in the short term by acquiring Tejada, and while Edmonds isn't the player he once was, he's probably better in '08 than whoever replaces him.  Prepare yourselves, folks: it'll be another year of the word "weak" attaching itself to "NL Central."