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All Quiet

Most of the big name free agents have found their new homes, and we've seen a handful of major trades.  Yet, with all the players changing uniforms, and all the new faces on the Brewers, we still probably have one too few starting 3B/LF/CF.

As I see it, here are the targets.  For now, I'm going to leave out the mega-prospects like Adam Jones and Andy LaRoche, as those would only come back in a Ben Sheets deal, and I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

Third Basemen

  • Trade targets:

    • Hank Blalock, TEX
    • Joe Crede, CHA
    • Scott Rolen, STL
    • Edwin Encarnacion, CIN

  • Free agents:

    • Morgan Ensberg
    • Pedro Feliz

Left (and center) fielders

  • Trade targets:

    • Josh Hamilton, CIN

  • Free agents:

    • Barry Bonds (just sayin')
    • Mike Cameron
    • Kenny Lofton
    • Trot Nixon
    • Corey Patterson
    • Reggie Sanders
    • Brad Wilkerson

Given how appealing most of those free agent outfield options are, I'd say Ryan Braun ought to be shagging flies already.  It's always possible that there are some trade talks flying under the radar, involving names that haven't come up in the press, but I can't think of many outfielders whose teams should be making available, let alone are making available.

Then again, most of those third base options aren't that exciting either.  Most of them are the type of one-year stopgap I'd like in left field...but I suppose if Braun is moved to left, he's not going to move back to third in '09.  Given the number, if not the quality, of internal LF options we have, I wouldn't mind getting Sanders as a platoonmate for Gross or Lofton as a starter and calling it an offseason.  Cash in a starter or two for some mid-level prospects, make sure Braun isn't turning into Roger Dorn, and hope for the best.