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Pirates announce, "We Want a Bad Catcher"

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This article entertains me.  Apparently Pittsburgh is going after Johnny Estrada.  They are also talking to Miguel Olivo and Damian Miller.

Miller, I would understand--Ronny Paulino's a solid option behind the plate, and he seems like the type of guy that traditionally gets paired with a veteran backup.  (Think Russell Martin and Mike Lieberthal last year.)  But why Estrada?  He seems like a disaster waiting to happen as a backup, but I don't have a really good argument for why that would be.  (Besides imagining him on the bench most days with a bucket of KFC.)

Another article worth pointing out: if you have a BP subscription, make sure to read Kevin Goldstein's Devil Rays prospect ranking.  As he puts it, "That, folks, is a borderline obnoxious collection of excellent young talent."  Since there are two center fielders on his list, plus B.J. Upton, you wonder if there's a match somewhere between the Rays and Brewers, maybe Fernando Perez, who should be ready by '09 and would push Bill Hall to left or back to the infield.