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It increasingly sounds like a Scott Rolen deal is going to happen.  I don't object to picking up Rolen at all, but I'm definitely withholding judgment until I know who is going in the other direction and how much money is coming with Rolen.

Former Brewer Jose Capellan was traded to the Rockies for Denny Bautista.  Amazing how far Capellan's stock has fallen since his uber-prospect season preceding the Dan Kolb trade.  Then again, if he was traded for Kolb at the peak of his powers...well, maybe he hasn't really fallen so far.

I doubt this has to do with the Brewers, but apparently the Nationals are talking to a team about swapping Jon Rauch for a shortstop.  Jim Bowden seems like the kind of guy who would get excited about Billy Hall, and we are looking for a closer...and as far as relievers go, I think I'd prefer Rauch to fellow Nat Chad Cordero.  Again, I don't think that's the discussion that's going on, but it's not far removed from the respective interests of the two teams, and Bill Hall is likely to keep coming up in trade negotiations until the day he leaves Milwaukee.