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Doug Melvin does it again!

The Brewers have reportedly picked up Salomon Torres from the Brewers for right-handers Marino Salas and Kevin Roberts.

This is almost too good to be true.  Rotoworld cites the Journal-Sentinel, but I can't find the relevant mention on the J-S site, so maybe Tom H. posted it and pulled it back.  The Rats were asking a lot for Torres last season, but there's a new front office, so maybe they now recognize that solid veteran relievers aren't going to help them build for the future.

(Then again, Marino Salas and Kevin Roberts probably won't, either.)

If true, this is increasingly looking like Melvin is building a bullpen for a closer-by-committee.  Turnbow, Riske, Torres, plus the wildcards of Mota and Wise, are all guys who have closed with varying degrees of success in the past, or have pitched well enough to do so.  Add in Shouse, Villanueva, and Parra, and you have eight guys who are (or have been in the recent past) credible 7th/8th inning guys.  In that case, it would seem like a waste to spend big to bring in a Gagne type, who is not at all guaranteed to be better than all of these guys.

I think I might have to go with Roguejim here and get on the Guardado bandwagon.  Let's bring in the cheapest possible "closer", a la Joe Borowski, to make Ned feel better, and keep stacking the bullpen with guys who will pitch just as well, or better.

I am psyched.

Update [2007-12-7 14:58:15 by Jeff]: Here's the J-S link. This looks pretty solid. Finally, something to get us excited about 2008!