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We gotta talk about something...

Ok, this isn't going to be a good link thread, but here are some links:

  • Here's my article today from The Hardball Times, about how general managers evaluate risk, and why they may be wrong. (And, amazingly, why they also may be right.)

  • I had never heard of this blog before, but this dude heard a radio show where Ned Yost said he'd been studying up on sabermetrics. He's not the next Voros McCracken or anything, but if it means he talks less about moving the runner over, I'll be happy.

  • Ken Rosenthal evaluates this offseason's winners and losers. The Brewers come in under "honorable mention":
    Brewers: Won a minor bidding war for Counsell, flipped Davis and prospects for Johnny Estrada and right-handers Claudio Vargas and Greg Aquino and signed free-agent right-hander Jeff Suppan to give their rotation even more stability.
    I'm not sure if I'm ready to consider winning a bidding war for Counsell a good thing, but I am glad we have him. The reassuring thing about Ken's list is that he's got the Cardinals under "worst," the Astros under "dishonorable mention," and the Cubs in a "league of their own," which--in case you hadn't guessed--isn't a good thing.