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This is Not Related to the Brewers

It's funny, though. Here's the bottom of the fourth inning of UCLA's 19-5 blowout of Winthrop a couple of weeks ago:

UCLA 4th - COHEN singled to right field. MURPHY singled to right field; COHEN advanced to second. BABINEAU doubled to left field, 2 RBI; MURPHY scored; COHEN scored. PENNIALL doubled to right center, RBI; BABINEAU scored. ROUSE singled to center field; PENNIALL advanced to third. CARRITHERS doubled to center field, 2 RBI; ROUSE scored; PENNIALL scored. MCBRIDE to p for REID. CRAWFORD singled to right field, advanced to second, RBI; CARRITHERS scored. STEWART hit by pitch. WEISSER singled; STEWART advanced to second; CRAWFORD advanced to third. COHEN homered to left field, 4 RBI; WEISSER scored; STEWART scored; CRAWFORD scored. MOORE to p for MCBRIDE. MURPHY doubled to center field. BABINEAU struck out looking. PENNIALL grounded out to 2b; MURPHY advanced to third. ROUSE hit by pitch. ROUSE advanced to second on a wild pitch. CARRITHERS singled to left field, RBI; ROUSE advanced to third; MURPHY scored. CRAWFORD doubled to left field, 2 RBI; CARRITHERS scored; ROUSE scored. STEWART singled; CRAWFORD advanced to third. DOLAN pinch hit for WEISSER. DOLAN reached on a fielder's choice; STEWART out at second ss to 2b. 13 runs, 13 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Now that's some baseball, right there.