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You Wanna Talk About the Real Junk?

This really is more deserving of a diary entry, but I'm personally determined to make Joe Winkelsas the next Brooks Kieschnick-level inside joke among Brewers fans.  As such, I am bound by duty to report to you that Winky is in camp with the independent Atlantic League Somerset Patriots and present to you the following Few Fun Facts About Joe Winkelsas (And Related Topics):

1. Garbage men are rather well-compensated.  A veteran sanitation engineer in New York City can earn over $80,000 a year.  That's pretty good.  In contrast, Atlantic League baseball players apparently make between $700 and $3000 a month.  Not as good.  Of course, there's always the chance that he'll one day again make the Major League minimum, a paltry $400K (give or take an indy league salary or two).

2. The Patriots of Somerset play in Bridgewater, NJ, and are so-named because the first official American flag was flown there; indeed, the 13-star flag of the time is still flown there 24 hours a day by law.  Obviously, Joe is one hell of a model American.

3. "Joe Winkelsas" is anagram for "a jokeless win."  Ironic, because while Joe's pitching resulted in zero wins for the team (they lost every game he appeared in), we've certainly gotten a lot more chuckles out of him than, say, Chris Demaria.

Honor bright!

Update [2007-2-20 21:21:16 by battlekow]: Oops. The Good King isn't actually in camp with the Patriots, but rather the Atlanta Braves.