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Tweedle Dumber Pipes Up

As if this wasn't enough, there's now more:

Geoff Jenkins is not the only Brewers outfielder who wants out if the team is planning a platoon.

Kevin Mench, who struggled mightily after a midseason trade from Texas to Milwaukee, said Thursday he will "pitch a fit" if manager Ned Yost institutes a left-right, Jenkins-Mench platoon in left field. Yost has not made public his plans, but has pointed to Jenkins' struggles last season against left-handers and Mench's career success against them as reasons a timesharing agreement could make sense.

Good. Screw you guys. A Jenkins/Mench platoon would probably be damn productive, but it's apparently a practical impossibility. I actually like the way Ned Yost is handling this:
And as he insisted after learning of Jenkins' comments earlier in the week, Yost predicted that his outfield logjam would not be a problem. But, he added, "I'll handle it. If you want to be a part of this thing, fine. If not, fine by me too. We're here to win ballgames. To be really honest with you, there's more than one person who can throw a fit."
Ned's cleaning up the streets, boys, and there's nowhere scum like you can hide! Or something like that.

Seriously though, what is the solution if Jenkins and Mench continue to "pitch fits"? The "fine by me" part implies that they'll be disposed of, but Ned may just be talking tough. It'll be interesting to see who blinks first here.