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Five Fun Facts About Corey Hart

1. Corey made a big splash in his Major League debut, hammering an 0-2 pitch just foul into the second deck down the left field line. He ended up striking out, but he did get a standing ovation. He didn't get another at-bat until over a year later, but picked up right where he left off, hitting a three-run homer (watch it) and receiving another ovation. And who could forget his dramatic 12-inning game-winning home run against Dennis Tankersley?

2. His real first name is Jon; gee, wonder why he changed it. Speaking of which, forget this "Sunglasses At Night" crap--from now on, Corey Hart's nickname is "The Hitman." Or maybe "Scooter."

3. If he runs like he did in the minors, he could become just the third 6'6" or taller player to steal 20 bases, along with Dave Winfield and Darryl Strawberry.

4. Corey is from Bowling Green, Kentucky, birthplace of the very moist Duncan Hines and home of horror director John Carpenter and the National Corvette Museum. Corey attended Greenwood High School, along with all of these lonely people.

5. The Brewers apparently enjoy making their prospects miss milestones with their children. First Prince Fielder missed his son's birth, and then Corey had to attend rookie orientation instead of his son's baby shower.