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Five Fun Facts About Will Inman

1. Last year, of any pitcher in the South Atlantic League with over 100 innings, Will posted the highest strikeout rate, punching out a Gallardo-esque 10.9 batters per nine innings. His 1.71 ERA also led the league. So did his 5.6 K/BB. And his 6.1 H/9*. He also went 97 innings without giving up a home run before being touched for three in his last two starts; those 97 homerless innings would have led the league as well.

2. was registered on December 19th of last year by one Leon Lee of Union City, CA. Email him at willinmancom AT and ask him if he wants an early ticket aboard the Will Inman Express; the fare is a donation of the URL to the cause.

3. Will is a graduate of Tunstall High School in Dry Fork, Virginia. Tunstall has produced one other Major Leaguer, the immortal Eric Owens, who put in 34 games for the Brewers back in 1998 and always reminded me of Eric Ovens from the Three Erics.

4. Will loves playing Halo 2 online and is a Taking Back Sunday fan. He also told me that on road trips he can usually be found with his nose in a Sudoku book.

5. Will's a pretty fierce competitor. He's also a talented missionary, awing and converting non-fans to the Church of Baseball.

Based on this evidence, I think it's safe to conclude--and I don't use the word "hero" lightly--that Will Inman is the greatest hero in the history of the Milwaukee Brewers.

*Jason Rice of Kannapolis (Kansas City) allowed 5.8 H/9 in 94.3 innings.