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Renewal time at

Like any right-thinking baseball fan, I'm a big fan of    As some of you might have noticed, I sponsor several Brewers players on the site.  (Al, of Al's Ramblings, sponsors even more.  Between the two of us, we've pretty much got the active roster locked up.)

I first started sponsoring Brewers players when I launched this site, almost exactly two years ago.  Since the sponsorships renew yearly, I just got an email notifying me that I need to renew a few pages.  I've let a few go unrenewed in the past (Junior Spivey comes to mind), and I'm not sure what to do this year.

Here are the pages in question:

  • Brady Clark ($10 to renew for 1 year)
  • Derrick Turnbow ($15 to renew for 1 year)
  • Corey Hart ($10 to renew for 1 year)
  • Matt Wise ($10 to renew for 1 year)
Corey's a no-brainer.  Matt Wise, I think, is an easy choice as well.  The other two...not so much.

How quickly things change!  Last year, I was really excited to have Brady and D-Bow.'s possible (though unlikely) that both will be wearing different uniforms come opening day.  It's quite likely that at least one of them won't be a Brewer at the end of the season.  

So, whaddya think?  I'm going to show my support for bb-ref regardless of who I sponsor; should I spend my money on these guys?