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Injuries and non-injuries

Will Carroll kicked off his sixth season of Under the Knife yesterday with a ton of info on lots of teams, but not so much on the Brewers.  (Will!  Priorities?)

Here's what he had to say about the Crew: one thing you probably know, one thing I'll bet you didn't.

The elbow problem that kept Ryan Braun out of games for a week also dooms his chance of starting the season with the Brewers. Nashville's not such a bad place, and I wouldn't expect Braun to sign a long-term lease down there. Here's an interesting stat: the Nashville starters didn't miss one due to injury last season.

Given all the good things people say about the Brewers medical staff and the utter lack of health on the big-league club, it's reassuring to know that somebody stayed healthy.  Check out Nashville's stats from last year; lots of guys got starts, but that was more because of player movement than health issues.

In completely separate news, Derrek Lee was pulled early in yesterday's game.  Here's why:

He felt a twinge in his groin when he slid into second in the first inning, but stayed in the game for the second.

Those groin twinges are killer.