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3/17 NCAA Hoops Game Thread

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People! Spring Training is just heating up, but site traffic is down and the game threads are dwindling down to nothing? I understand that some people believe there are sports other than baseball, but this is too much.

Anyway, watch all your basketball now, get it out of your system, and then by the time Opening Day hits, I expect the beginning of five months of absolutely rabid Brewers fandom.

On that note, the Brewers take on the A's today on the road at 3:05 CT. Dave Bush gets the start, and according to the official site, Grant Balfour, Greg Aquino, Brian Shouse, and Dennis Sarfate will also be pitching. Speaking of Sarfate, here's an entire article on the idea that he might be pressing this spring.

On the injury front, Damian Miller is feeling better, and could play as early as today. And on the subject of catching, here's a J-S article about the numbers crunch behind the plate. I wish there'd been a quote from Ned saying what he thought about carrying three catchers; I can't imagine he'd do it, especially with the roster as crammed as it is already, but it'd be nice to get his perspective on it.

Go Brewers!