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3/21 Game Thread: Brewers and Padres

It's Claudio Vargas, our six-inning man, against Clay Hensley, Cy Young sleeper. This is actually my least favorite part of spring training: the games still don't matter, but most of the kids are gone. So it's kind of like going to the dress rehearsal of a Broadway play when the understudies take over in the second half.

(Actually, it's exactly like that.)

Roguejim is doing a great job keeping us updated with Mench rumors, while MLB Trade Rumors points out a possible swap involving Rob Mackowiak. Mackowiak would, I guess, basically fill the '06 Bill Hall role, but I still don't quite get it. Mackowiak is basically Tony Graffanino, maybe a little better with the bat and a little worse with the glove. And he plays outfield. Which, I'm sure you know, we desperately need.

Go Brewers!