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More Important Stuff

This amazes me:

The Braves and Brian McCann have agreed to a six-year contract that includes a team option for a seventh season.

The deal has the potential to buy out two of McCann's free-agent seasons and is reportedly worth up to $29.8 million. McCann will be arbitration-eligible for the first time in 2009.

This guy has 622 major league at-bats, and he's guaranteed $30 million bucks! The interesting thing is that he may not stick behind the plate: not only is his defense a little questionable, but uber-prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia coming up behind him, so McCann's future may be elsewhere on the diamond.

Or, of course, McCann's future could be elsewhere in the league, in which case the Braves have signed him to what could be a very, very attractive contract. These sorts of things are always worth keeping an eye on, because Doug Melvin has a lot of big decisions coming up with our young core, and the longer he waits to lock them up, the more expensive they get.