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Jeff Suppan scouts the Rangers:

The Texas Rangers were visiting Maryvale Baseball Park for an exhibition game last week. Starting pitchers and other players not scheduled to play were in the clubhouse, getting ready to dress and head out the door, taking advantage of an early dismissal.

But Jeff Suppan changed their plans.

"Don't we play Texas in interleague games this year?" Suppan asked.

A quick check of the schedule confirmed the information.

"We ought to stay and watch them," said Suppan, and he and maybe a dozen teammates trooped back to the dugout to do some scouting.

It was a little thing, yes. But that's why Suppan's decision to spend the next four seasons pitching for Milwaukee--after pitching in two of the last three World Series for St. Louis--could be huge for the franchise.

Okay, first of all, the Brewers need a new screenwriter if they're just going to make up dialogue for reporters. This is some George Lucas-quality stuff: "We ought to stay and watch them." Rogers forgot the part where Suppan demanded waffles forthwith.

Second of all, I'm pretty sure the rest of the team now hates Suppan for guilting them into hanging around to watch the Rangers play pretend baseball. On the plus side, I bet there will be a marked decline in running in the halls and spitballs under Suppan's watchful eye.

In other non-news, an "unnamed scout" interviewed by Joe Posnanski (whom I am contractually obligated to fawn over*) likes the Brewers:

You like Milwaukee?

I do. Well, in that division I do. They could have one hell of a pitching staff with Sheets and Chris Capuano. I mean, that's one hell of a 1-2, if Sheets can just stay healthy. I just don't know if Sheets CAN stay healthy.

Could Sheets-Capuano be the best 1-2 combination in the National League?

I'd have to think about that for a second. (Seconds pass). Yeah, I think it could. Arizona could be better with Randy Johnson and Brandon Webb, maybe.

You a Rickie Weeks fan?

I was always a fan of his offense, but I never thought he'd play even a single game at second base in the big leagues. I hear that he's really improved his defense, and that's a credit to him because I thought there was no way. We'll see. I still think he could be one hell of a center fielder. He will hit if his wrist is OK.

He also picks the Brewers to finish second in the division. It's nice to see other, ostensibly knowledgeable people pick the Brewers to finish well. There's only so much Spring Training you can take without turning into a zealot, so it's becoming hard to tell if the optimism I feel for the upcoming season is warranted or not.

*He really is good. He writes for the Kansas City Star, so check him out.