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3/24 Game Thread: Brewers and Padres

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Sorry for the light posting these last couple of days. Here are a couple of things worth reading:

  • Adam's notes column, in which we learn that Gabe Gross will make the team. There are also a couple of interesting details on the out clauses some relievers have if they aren't called up by a certain date. I'd still be surprised if the team carried six outfielders, but I suppose that's what Melvin has to say if he's going to have any leverage at all in Mench/Jenkins/Clark trade talks.

  • This is a seriously puffy puff piece on Graffanino. He's back because of veteran leadership! And presumably he's also very good at taking the ball the other way, all the while not doing too much with it.

  • This report on Sheets's start yesterday tells us he worked on his curveball and threw 6 2/3 innings in a minor league game. That's really encouraging for two starts away from opening day, even if it is against minor leaguers
Today, the game really is at 3:05 ET, and we've got Chris Capuano going up against Jake Peavy. If the game counted, that'd be pretty exciting!