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3/26 Game Thread: Brewers vs. Diamondbacks

It's Claudio Vargas, Brian Shouse, Jose Capellan, Joe Thatcher and Derrick Turnbow (seriously) against Enrique Gonzalez.  The audio is being webcast, but the game isn't on TV, which is unfortunate because Justin Upton will be starting in CF for the D'backs and he's, like, famous.

But the big news of the day is that Brady Clark was traded to the Dodgers for Elmer Dessens.  Elmer Dessens is eminently uninteresting, but hey, nobody ever said, "You can't have enough center fielders."

Also, to continue the Capellan debate, Jerry Crasnick has an ESPN article about hard-throwing pitchers, and this quote caught my eye:

In Milwaukee, hard-throwing Francisco Cordero will be set up by the harder-throwing Derrick Turnbow and Jose Capellan -- guys with such overpowering stuff they make you start the bat yesterday to catch up.
Which one of those things is not like the others?  Ever since Capellan blew through the Braves' system a couple years ago, he's been tagged as an upper-90s guy, but has anyone ever seen him throw that hard?  He's just not that guy.