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Roster Roster Everywhere

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Since we last looked, the Brady Clark deal has brought a bit more clarity to the roster situation. As roguejim pointed out, Doug Melvin made some illuminating comments in the wake of the trade:

Melvin said he still expects 23-year-old Carlos Villanueva to make the Brewers' Opening Day roster.

The GM also said the Brewers are leaning toward keeping 12 pitchers on the Opening Day roster instead of 11.

Clark's departure bodes well for Tony Gwynn, Jr.'s chances of making the team, Melvin acknowledged. The Brewers are still trying to decide whether to keep an extra outfielder...or to stick with an extra catcher. Mike Rivera, who is out of options, and the versatile Vinny Rottino are candidates for the latter option.

So, to my mind, the roster currently looks like this:


  • Johnny Estrada
  • Damian Miller
  • Mike Rivera
  • Prince Fielder
  • Rickie Weeks
  • JJ Hardy
  • Tony Graffanino
  • Craig Counsell
  • Vinny Rottino
  • Geoff Jenkins
  • Kevin Mench
  • Bill Hall
  • Corey Hart
  • Gabe Gross
  • Tony Gwynn
  • Ben Sheets
  • Chris Capuano
  • Jeff Suppan
  • Dave Bush
  • Claudio Vargas
  • Francisco Cordero
  • Derrick Turnbow
  • Matt Wise
  • Brian Shouse
  • Elmer Dessens
  • Carlos Villanueva
  • Jose Capellan
  • Greg Aquino
  • Grant Balfour
  • Joe Thatcher
  • Chris Spurling
If Villanueva really is on the team, that means only one of Capellan and Aquino--if either--is going north with the big club. Since Capellan has an option left and Aquino does not, it doesn't look good for the Lesser Cappy. The J-S trade article says the team only plans to keep five outfielders, so maybe scratch Gwynn despite Melvin's above comments, and Al is reporting that the Brewers have requested waivers on Mike Rivera, so all signs point to Vinny Rottino making the club. And that, folks, is your roster.

Update [2007-3-27 2:33:7 by battlekow]: I guess that Aquino does still have options remaining. My bad.