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The funniest team preview you'll read all spring

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This is amazingly great.

I don't know whether I'd read a site devoted to Craig Biggio's quest to break the all-time HBP record more than once or twice, but if you're ever going to enjoy it, now's the time. Plunk Biggio has published their Brewers preview:

Ben Sheets was the only Brewer to plunk Biggio last year, but it was Dave Bush who led the team in hitting batters, with 18. Bush finished just one plunk short of Dontrelle Willis' major league leading 19. They also have Chris Capuano hanging around, waiting to throw baseballs at people - he hit 9 batters last year and plunked Biggio in 2004. Matt Wise is the only other pitcher still in Milwaukee who plunked Biggio while with the Brewers, but Jeff Suppan has also joined the team, after hitting 6 batters last year and winning a world series with St. Louis, and hitting Biggio with a pitch in 2003 for Pittsburgh.
If you ever wanted a complete list of the players hit by Brewers pitches in 2006 (and who hasn't?) look no further. We nailed Counsell twice (that's why he came back--he was hurting) and Lew Ford three times. Apparently we hit Twins six times total--pretty impressive for limited opportunities.

For a site with such a narrow focus, there's an incredible amount of content--you can get all this information for several NL teams, and since I know you're all very curious as to which Pirates pitchers have plunked Biggio, I'm sure you'll spend plenty of time over there.

In other guffaw-inducing developments: Mike Hunt reports on a DVD re-release of the movie Major League, with Uecker-related extras:

Some of the bits Uecker worked up for his Harry Doyle that didn't make the film are included in the DVD package.

"To me, Bob Uecker is an embarrassment of riches in 'Major League,' " says Chesser. "There was so much Bob did we didn't shoot and we could have used. And there was so much that we did shoot that we ended up not being able to use."

I can't remember the last time I paid full price for a DVD, but I might have to pony up for this one.