Five Fun Facts about Maxim St. Pierre

Coming up with 5 facts about a non-descript minor league catcher isn't easy, but here it goes...

  1.  St. Pierre was drafted by Detroit with the first pick in the 26th round in 1997.  To give a little perspective on how long ago that was, the Brewers first pick that year way Kyle Peterson who has long since faded into the sunset.
  2.  Two players from the 26th round in 1997 have made it to the major leagues.  Andy Dominique, a first baseman who played a total of 9 games and DJ Carrasco who has spent parts of three seasons with Kansas City.
  3.  The Brewers pick in the 26th round that year was a pitcher by the name of Trad Sokol (I'm not kidding) who lasted two years in the minors.
  4.  St. Pierre played for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic last year.  He appeared in two of Canada's three games, and had two hitless at bats with one strikeout.
  5.  Detroit sent Max to the Arizona Fall League after the 2002 season (which was one of his best minor league seasons: .261, 7 HR, 55 RBI).  St. Pierre proceeded to bat .170 in 53 at bats for Mesa in the AFL.