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3/31 Game Thread: A game in a real stadium!

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Yesterday's game in Texas got rained out, but I doubt anyone's upset about it. However, a certain someone is upset about a certain something. Mench is really letting it all hang out:

"I have proven I can play every day so I don't know why I should sit for a year, get 150 at-bats, and have them take away from my livelihood."

"I still don't know what is going on here," Mench said. "Early on, they said 'it might be like this,' but nobody has said one word to me since, so I'm basically still in the dark. I can read between the lines, I guess. But this is my sixth year in the big leagues and I think I have done enough to be told what is going on either way.

"I don't know how Geoff has handled it so well," Mench continued. "He's been in the same organization for nine years and they don't tell him about what they are going to do. Leaving him in the dark is just not right. That should not be how business is done."

Moreover, Mench is not shy about his desire to return to the Rangers. He and his wife live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

F---. Leave the bastard in Arlington.

Update [2007-3-31 23:4:10 by battlekow]: As NTNgod at BTF points out, it appears someone in the organization counseled Mench that his stance would not be a popular one, as he's altered his rhetoric to highlight the poignancy of his plight and engender sympathy:

"It's good to just start over from the beginning, get a fresh start in camp," Mench said. "It's always tough to start in the middle, new league and everything else.

"I feel more comfortable now. You're going at it together from Day 1. I'm as satisfied as I can be with my camp."

Ominously, it appears Mench's carping has had an effect on Yost, and consequently on Corey Hart's playing time:
"I'm not running a strict platoon in left field, where one can't play in right field. That's my job, to make sure all of them get their at-bats. If you're producing, you're going to get more at-bats. It all depends on the individual."

While Mench will play in right at times, Yost said he would not move Jenkins out of left.

Well that's just fantastic news!