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Help Jeff pick out a new Brewers cap

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Here's the deal.  I have two Brewers hats, one standard 2006 cap, one 1989 Cooperstown Collection cap, the one with the ball and glove logo on a white background with a blue bill.

But...I've worked out in my '06 cap one too many times.  It's in seriously bad shape.  So I need another one.

I think my selection is going to come from this page.  I don't have one with a yellow background, so that would seem like the natural choice...but I'm torn.  I also like the 1970-77 hat, and even the Milwaukee Braves hat is cool, too.

And, of course, there's no way I'm buying the new 2007 hat.  It looks ugly.

So, my Brewers-fan friends, help me out!  Which Brewers hat should I buy?