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3/7 Game(s) Thread: Split-Squad Madness

Dave Bush will start against San Fran, and Brian and Bill will be webcasting that one.  I expect to see you all here right at 2:05 CT; 47 comments was a very nice showing yesterday, but I know we can do better.  

In the other game, Carlos Villanueva will start against the Rockies.  I'm a bit disappointed that it isn't available; seems like every spring game I tuned into last year involved the Rockies.  I was really up to date on all the positional battles involving Choo Freeman.  (He lost.)

In other news, be sure to check out this discussion of Ben Sheets's worth.  It's...staggering.  If he stays healthy, we really won't be able to afford him, and there are probably only a couple of teams out there who could.