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Housecleaning linkage

I haven't done a catchall thread in a while, and my bookmarks folder is the worse for it.  Here goes...

  • Baseball America's top 100 prospects includes Yovani Gallardo (#16), Ryan Braun (#26), and Will Inman (#91).  Since the first two of those ought to graduate by year's end, we need another guy or two to step up and claim the mantle of "Brewers farmhand who will be on everybody's prospect list."

  • Speaking of the minors, here's the MILB official site's organizational preview.  Lots of interesting stuff about the second-tier prospects you don't often hear much about.

  • David Bell's a user.  He claims the HGH was for a prescription, but...come on, dude.  Not buyin' it.  This, in addition to the fact that Bell isn't very good, may explain why he's not on the Brewers radar as a short-term Koskie replacement.

  • And finally, SportsBlogs Nation has gotten a Packers blog, Acme Packing Company.  Looks great so far; check 'em out and say hi.
It's a split squad day, so there are two games this afternoon, which means both Dave Bush and Carlos Villanueva are starting.  One of them is webcasted, and the action starts at 2:05 CT.