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3/8 Game Thread: Giants at Brewers

Ben Sheets gets the start for us, Noah Lowry for them.  

While you're waiting for the game to start, ponder this: of all the 250+ pound pitchers in baseball history, Jeff D'Amico turned in the lowest ERA.  He did so in a Brewers uniform in 2000.

And, another topic for discussion: yesterday in my Hardball Times column, I ranked the best AL benches.  Tomorrow my column is on the best NL benches.  Where do you think the Brewers should rank?

One more, while we're at it: here's my Blue Jays preview at Beyond the Boxscore.  They scrambled for pitching, signing Tomo Ohka and others this offseason.  Would they have been better off keeping Dave Bush and Zach Jackson and looking elsewhere for a first baseman?