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Game Thread #8: You're Probably At the Indians Game

Oddly enough, the bigger story in Milwaukee today is the Indians-Angels game instead of the Brewers-Marlins contest.  That's understandable: not only is this a bizarre event where you can go see some great baseball up close for cheap, but it's tough to get too worked up about a matchup between Claudio Vargas and Rick Vanden Hurk.

In my series preview, I noted that Vanden Hurk hasn't even thrown an inning in double-A yet; he's the Marlins version of Chris Saenz, only with less experience.  I say that merely as a point of reference, not to remind you that (anecdotally, anyway) pitchers in their debut games tend to catch their opponents off guard.  Something tells me the Brewers weren't advance scouting Vanden Hurk in spring training.

We speculated all day, and here's tonight's lineup:

  • Counsell, 3B
  • Hardy, SS
  • Fielder, 1B
  • Hall, CF
  • Estrada, C
  • Jenkins, LF
  • Hart, RF
  • Graffanino, 2B
  • Vargas, P
Kudos to Ned for giving Corey the start, and bigger kudos for leaving Fielder and Hart at 3 and 4.  Incidentally, "afgrijselijk" is Dutch for "awful."  I'm not making that up.

6:05 start time, since they're on the East Coast.  Go Brewers!

Update [2007-4-10 21:1:36 by Jeff]: According to the Marlins broadcast, we're 20 minutes away from having baseball resume: so we're looking at about 8:20 CT.

Update [2007-4-10 21:21:35 by Jeff]: And, we're back.