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(Odd) Odds and Ends

  • Kevin Goldstein previews the high-A leagues and gives the Brevard County outfield some love:
    The only outfield with prospects across the board is at Brevard County (Brewers), where Lorenzo Cain, Charlie Fermaint and Cole Gillespie can all hit and all cover ground defensively.

    If you're a subscriber, check out the article simply for the list of pitching prospects in the Florida State League.  I'm always jealous this time of year--I could be in Florida, playing tennis and watching all of baseball's prospects, when instead it's forty degrees outside and there's no minor league baseball nearby for months.

  • At Beyond the Boxscore, JM Barten is starting his weekly BtB Awards column.  He's got such creative categories as "The Harmon Killebrew Batting Average is for Wussies Award."  My favorite, though, is the Small Sample Size warning on Tony Pena, Jr.: ever since I called out Pena in a Hardball Times column last week, I've been getting irate "told-you-so" emails from Royals fans.  Um, yeah dudes, I really believe Pena has turned the corner.  Right.

  • Jeff Cirillo could be headed for surgery.  So, you're telling me that no Brewers are hurt yet, but an ex-Brewer is?  Every day, I read Will Carroll's Under the Knife column, and I continue to be amazed that no Brewer has made even the slightest of appearances thus far.  At least something is going right.

  • This is the sort of great stuff I discover on a daily basis while processing college baseball stats: the head coach at James Madison University is Spanky McFarland.  Spanky!  (Turns out that "Spanky" from Our Gang was also a McFarland.  Makes sense, but still...)  Interestingly, Coach Spanky is something of a pitching guru, having written a book on the subject.