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Geoff Jenkins Profile

My buddy Marc Normandin has his new column up this week at Baseball Prospectus, and it's on everyone's favorite left fielder.  It's definitely worth reading the whole thing (though you have to be a subscriber).  If you're not a subscriber, or you're just lazy, here's Marc's conclusion:

Jenkins still has his uses, and if he is kept in a platoon all season in order to avoid facing left-handers, will be of great use to the Brewers. PECOTA is not all that enthralled with him, forecasting just .268/.345/.452 for him, but he should certainly hit better than that playing against RHP. He's hit .297/.366/.511 against them during the 2004-2006 seasons, while Mench has slapped lefties around at a .307/.379/.590 clip over the same time frame, so Menchkins should end up producing one of the better seasons for both players out there at left field. Combine that with the late-game platoon options against relief pitching--in a division with Tony La Russa, that's almost more than necessary--and you have yourself a handy justification for the use of the two roster spots.

Also, Marc gets bonus points for correctly referring to the platoon as Menchkins.      I would say it's starting to catch on, but since I've personally berated Marc into using the correct term, I don't suppose this is indicative of anything.

And if you're looking for more to read, or perhaps you're bewildered by Marc's non-stop use of batted-ball data, try John Perrotto's article about the Cardinals starting rotation.  While it may be true that "Looper has been a revelation" and Wells is off to a good start, I'm going to give this rotation more than two weeks before I declare Walt Jocketty a genius.  I'm still waiting for him to make another acquisition; if he doesn't, I think the Cardinals win total will start with a seven.