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Game Thread #8.5 / #9: Let's Play One and a Half!

Well, I feel kind of silly.  Usually, if I'm at my computer, I wait until an hour before game time to post the game thread, because that's when lineups are posted online.  So, as usual, an hour before, I go to, look for the gameday link...

Oh yeah.  No lineups for "today" yet, because as far as these teams are concerned, it's still yesterday.  How befuddling.

Anyway, a brief recap: we're at 2 runs apiece after 10 innings.  Counsell, Hardy, and Fielder are due up, presumably against Matt Lindstrom, in the top of the 11th.  The Marlins will send up Uggla, Cabrera, and Jacobs in the bottom half against Aquino or a new pitcher.  The Crew has Coco and Dessens left in the bullpen, Miller and Gwynn left on the bench.

And then, of course, there'll be another game.  During the break, I (along with the rest of the world) will be watching Daisuke Matsuzaka against Felix Hernandez.  You can tell the difference between serious fans and not so serious ones with one simple test.  If they think it's Dice-K vs. Felix: serious.   Dice-K vs. Ichiro: not so serious.  The storyline is great and all, but between the two starters, there are probably multiple future Cy Young Awards.

Go Brewers!