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How Quickly Things Change

It's easy to get down on a team after the first seven games.  There are still plenty of chinks in the armor, and you can hardly call the Brewers a lock 90-win team.  But, the last two games have had their share of encouragement, too.

First of all, of course, the Brewers won the suspended game in the 13th inning, and then took the regularly scheduled contest tonight, too.  That moves us up to 5-4, which is a whole lot prettier than 3-4.  Prince Fielder is showing some serious signs of life: he got on base six times in six plate appearances in the suspended game.

What really encourages me is the absolute dominance of the bullpen these last two games.  Even apart from Turnbow and Cordero (how nice is it to be able to drop those names together?), you realize what happened in the Tuesday game, right?  Vargas went five innings.   The game went eleven.  Seven relievers (the whole pen!) combined for eight scoreless innings.  Doug Eddings helped, and the Marlins offense is hardly the best in the league, but that's still impressive.  Take out one bad pitch from Matt Wise, and that's a total of eleven great relief innings in two games.  

Just as great is the starting pitching.  All five of our starters are going to have their off nights: we've already seen them from Sheets, Suppan, and Bush.  But today, Bush threw six solid innings, probably could've pushed it a bit farther if he'd had to, and put his first start firmly behind him.  Claudio Vargas was helped more than anyone by Eddings's strike zone, but hey, you can only adjust 9 K's in 5 innings so much.

The offense still leaves plenty to be desired, as does Yost's management of it.  But the top three guys in the order are hitting well, and I'm convinced it's only a matter of time before Hall and--what the heck, I'm in a generous mood--Mench follow suit.  If this team starts putting up five or six runs a night (as we know they can), I'm confident the pitching staff is going to give us the opportunity to win those games.  That's how this team was built, and there's no reason to believe that it won't turn out that way.

Day off tomorrow, then a weekend set against the Cardinals in St. Louis.  Two out of three sounds like a good bet, right?