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Between the 10th and 11th

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Last night's game ended in a tie after ten innings; it'll pick up tonight at 6:05 ET, to be followed by tonight's game.  Greg Aquino is pitching for Milwaukee and Matt Lindstrom is in for Florida, though both have already thrown an inning, so who knows who's next.  It makes for an interesting managerial decision: does Ned use Coco in a tie game, knowing he might need Coco again in tonight's game?  I would.

Not a lot to say about last night's game, though, except for the bizarro strike zone.  Rick Vanden Hurk had a very nice major league debut...aided by Doug Eddings's huge strike zone.  Vargas pitched well...thanks to the strike zone.  Turnbow was filthy...because if Estrada caught it, it was a strike.  Jorge Julio was awful, because he was the one pitcher in baseball last night who couldn't throw a pitch in the 6 foot by 6 foot square that Doug Eddings thinks constitutes the strike zone.  

There were plenty of missed opportunities, as usual, but J.J. Hardy was certainly clutch: runner on second (thanks to a Rickie Weeks steal), and he hits a double in the top of the ninth to tie the game.  Julio may be the worst pitcher on the Marlins right now, and I wouldn't give him another save opportunity ever, but hey, I'll take it.  

Also, thanks to everybody who hung out during the game last night.  There were more than 500 comments in the two game threads.  It's way more fun to watch a game that way.  If you haven't joined us during a game, give it a try...nothing like 10 consecutive comments shouting "JJ!!!" to make baseball that much more exciting.

A few other notes:

  • You gotta get angry!  Prince Fielder is getting more vocal.  He doesn't like to lose, it turns out.

  • Looking bad is part of the learning process: Yost said again that Hall isn't going anywhere.  No surprise, but still nice to hear.

  • Will Ben Sheets be a Hall of Famer? Probably not.  But I've started a series at The Hardball Times about which active players are likely to make it--and not just the no-brainer veterans like Greg Maddux.

  • Milwaukee is so a baseball town: There were 19,000 fans at the Indians game at Miller last night.  Barely 10,000 showed up to watch the Brewers in Miami.  (Hat tip, J-S.)

  • In case you're wondering, this resumption business is new: if the same thing had happened last year, we'd be replaying the game from the beginning.  Granted, the umps probably would've waited much longer before they called the game.  As Yost says, it's a good thing that's changed, because both teams would be in trouble playing a doubleheader today.  The Marlins pen will probably be stretched a bit as it is.