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Off-Day Chatter

While the Angels and Indians duke it out at Miller Park this afternoon, we can bask in the enjoyment of a series win on the road.  Here's a bunch of stuff to keep us going without any Brewers baseball today:

  • I am seriously tired of this.  Jose Capellan's agent is STILL making noise.  First of all: Jose, if you were pitching better this wouldn't be an issue.  Second, one mediocre year for a second-division club does not (and should not) earn you anything.  Third, Doug Melvin says it best:
    "I told [Rego] that the more this shows up [in print], the less likely a deal gets done because everyone thinks we are just going to give a guy away," Melvin said.

    My take: Rego is a no-name agent on a ego trip, probably hoping he'll pick up someone else so that Capellan will no longer be his highest-profile client.

  • Will Carroll's Under the Knife is still blessedly free of Brewers mentions, but he does have an interesting tidbit about Chris Carpenter:
    It seems that the Cardinals did an MRI of Carpenter before signing him to the extension and, if I'm reading this right, knew that he had bone chips. I will grant you that there are likely a good percentage of pitchers that would find the same thing if imaged, and that they were nevertheless asymptomatic. This is what I was talking about when I said that teams--the Cardinals in particular--have better data sets for pitchers. Knowing everything they do about Carpenter, including this info, they still elected to sign him to the extension. Do they know something we don't? Of course they do. Whether that info is enough to counteract what was surely an unexpected injury coming from an acknowledged and known problem is another story.

    Really fascinating stuff: it'll be an interesting story to watch.  Judging from Will's comments in the past, the Cardinals are at the forefront of quantitative research into medical issues.

  • Now that baseball season is finally underway, it's time to excited once more about...the Packers.  The 2007 schedule is released.  My buddy Rick Stratton, operator of the PackerBackerBlog, is looking for a few good contributors.  I plan on continuing to pitch in, but I've said that before.  If you're interested in working with a good guy and getting some exposure for your writing about the pigskin, follow the link and drop him a line.

  • This is pretty cool: check out the newly-released drawings for the Twins new stadium.  Obligatory snark: with no roof, they'll be playing some April home games in Milwaukee.

  • ESK has a nice article on Hall of Famer Addie Joss, whose birthday is today.  Joss, a Wisconsinite, was a tremendous pitcher who died tragically young.