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Enrique Cruz Returns!

I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the 2003 Brewers: it was the first year I got to go to many games, and it was also the year that Brooks Kieschnick became a real-live two way player.

On the other hand, the 2003 Brewers were bad.  Worst among them was Enrique Cruz, the Rule 5 pick who hit .085 (he slugged .099) in 71 at-bats.  He hasn't played in the majors since.

Until now!  He was in the Milwaukee org until he was traded to Texas for Brian Shouse last year.  (Oddly enough, I saw Enrique in a Double-A game in Frisco, Texas, after the trade.)  He's been playing this year in AA for the Reds, and now, with Alex Gonzalez on the bereavement list, Enrique got himself a callup!  I don't know how long he'll stick: I can't imagine A-Gon will stay out for long.  But maybe we'll see him early next week when the Crew heads to Cinci.