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Jay Jaffe Likes Us...He Really Likes Us!

Jay Jaffe, for those of you who don't keep track of these things, writes the weekly Prospectus Hit List, which is a super-stathead set of power rankings for the major leagues.  It's based on PECOTAs, run differentials and--I'm convinced, and I have an inside source who supports me on this--a wee bit of the occult.

Long story short, he distills a whole bunch of data and ranks teams on much more than their won-loss records.  That's encouraging, because he has the Brewers fifth in all of baseball after the first week and a half.  There are no NL Central teams above us; in fact, the next rival on the list is the Reds at #9, and they don't really count.  (After all, Enrique Cruz is on their roster right now.)  The Cubs and Cardinals are back-to-back at #18 and #19.  

Some of that headiness is due to PECOTA's optimism for Milwaukee, but a decent start with a better run differential helps, too.  Regardless of why, I like it!