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Game Thread #9: Sheets is Better Than Zambrano

For background, here's my series preview.  Tonight it's Ben Sheets vs. Anthony Reyes...if they can get the game in.  Via Grinder12000's great weather site: it doesn't look good.  

Down to business: Ned is really going out on a limb today.  Check this out:

  • Weeks, 2B
  • Hardy, SS
  • Fielder, 1B
  • Gross, CF
  • Estrada, C
  • Jenkins, LF
  • Hall, RF
  • Graffanino, 3B
  • Sheets, P
Wow.  I figured it was about time Ned dropped Hall in the lineup, but moving him out of right field?  That I really question: it may be the case that Gross is a more able CF right now, but if Hall is trying to learn the position, it's not going to help to have to read flies of the bat from a(nother) totally new angle.

But: Gross looks great at the plate, he looked good in center, and I'm much happier that, if Gross is going to be in the lineup, it doesn't mean Hall sits two or three times a week.  (Now, Corey Hart is a whole nuther story.)  While it's frustrating to see at least one good outfielder on the bench every night, it is, as they say, a good problem to have: we simply have too many guys who deserve to be in the starting lineup.  Can you name a better bench in the big leagues than Hart/Mench/Counsell/Miller/Gwynn?  I didn't think so.

Go Brewers!

Update [2007-4-13 21:20:49 by Jeff]: It's over before it even began. Literally. The baseball gods saw that Bill Hall was playing right field and they said, "It was bad." On the second day, they fixed it.

No word yet on when they're going to make it up, but it seems likely they're going to shoot for a doubleheader either tomorrow or Sunday; given that the forecast isn't so good for tomorrow either, perhaps they'll just push the make-up game to Sunday.

Update [2007-4-13 21:42:28 by Jeff]: This story says there's no makeup date yet; perhaps they're waiting to see how tomorrow's weather turns out. They did push back tomorrow's start time to 7:10. Good for their chances of playing the game; unfortunately not good for the chances of me seeing said game. Bummer.