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Well, that sucked

Beyond the loss, the fielding misadventures, and the unsuccessful return of Bill Hall, the obvious story is the status of Ben Sheets. As we talked about in the game thread, Sheets was beyond ineffective: he looked injured. We'll all hold our breath and see what happens, but Sheets just doesn't walk Preston Wilson and Yadier Molina unless something is terribly wrong.

On the bright side, there was a fantastic double play started by Rickie Weeks, and, uh...Prince Fielder walked twice and had a pretty double. Ryan Braun also homered down on the farm.

It's just tough to think about anything other than Sheets right now. Yesterday we were all so high, and the contrast with today is striking and cruel. Maybe by Ben's next start this post will just sound like so much uninformed fanboy anxiety, and I'd be happy to cop to that if it's the case; in fact, I'm hoping for it. For now, though, we wait.