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Series Preview: Brewers at Reds

As dreadful as it was to suffer through Ben Sheets's outing yesterday, it's a good time to remember what's nice about this team: there are other good players, including several excellent starters.  I don't mean to understate Benny's importance to this team, but at the same time, it's a pretty decent club without him, too.  Conveniently illustrating my point are the pitching matchups for our quickie two-gamer in Cincinnati:

Belisle has pitched well so far this year, having already recorded two wins, but these two names illustrate the Reds's achilles heel of the last few years.  The emergence of Aaron Harang and the arrival of Bronson Arroyo gives the team a nice 1-2 punch, but after that...ugh.  

Oddly enough, it's that pitching staff that has put the Reds in first place thus far.  The offense, gutted by Wayne Krivsky's moves last season, is managing a mere .226/.316/.344, while the pitching staff has an ERA just over 3.00, thanks to the unlikely efforts of Belisle and Kyle Lohse.  To make matters worse for the offense, Enrique Cruz appears to still be on the roster.

Here's your optional reading assignment:

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  • Red Hot Mama doesn't like Thom Brennaman, prompting the question: who's worse, the old D-Backs announcer or the new one?

  • My team preview, written in mid-March.
In non-Reds news, the Marlins may be interested in Jose Capellan.  I'm not sure why, judging from the looks of their bullpen last week; now they've got Taylor Tankersley back, too.  Think about this: they sent down Lee Gardner to make room for him.  Given the way Gardner has been pitching so far this year, there aren't very many teams that could do that.  In other words, if the Marlins got Jose, he could easily be headed to Albuquerque.

Go Brewers!