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I don't have much to say about tonight's game.  I could go into another screed about Ned Yost's bullpen management, but I just don't have it in me.  If he's so big on roles, then why didn't Matt Wise get the final out in the 7th?  Aquino is not the solution, and he really hasn't given us much reason to believe he is so far this year.  I would imagine he's one more outing like this away from trading places with Jose Capellan.

The good news tonight was Bill Hall's three hit performance.  None were particularly convincing, but at least his numbers are a little more respectable, and we can quit talking (for now, anyway) about "ending the experiment" and all that.  

To put it briefly: the Brewers were one out away from winning this game in the 7th.  Matt Wise could've gotten that out.  Derrick Turnbow could've gotten that out.  Call me crazy, but Coco Cordero could've gotten that out.  I'm pretty sure Brooks Kieschnick could've even gotten that out.  Instead, Greg Aquino not only didn't get that out, but he let in several more runs in the process, effectively giving the game away.

I hope to never ever see that again.  With Yost calling the shots, though, I wouldn't be surprised if I do.