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Game Thread #14: Maybe Vargas Will Go Nine

Whoa.  There's the lineup game, and then there's this:

  • Weeks, 2B
  • Hardy, SS
  • Mench, LF
  • Hall, CF
  • Estrada, C
  • Hart, RF
  • Miller, 1B
  • Graffanino, 3B
  • Vargas, P
I'm trying not to be knee-jerk critical here, so let's consider the positive: that's eight of eight starters who are right-handed or switch-hitters.  I suppose Prince can't play every day, so this seems like a reasonable time to give him a rest, in the middle of a stretch without any days off.

I'm very interested to see how Vargas does tonight, on more than usual rest (not that he's in any kind of routine) and with, presumably, a normal-sized strike zone.  The Pirates hardly have the most potent offense in the league, but it's a different game when Doug Eddings isn't behind the plate.

Go Brewers!