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It Could Be Worse

Next time we're complaining about the bullpen situation, remember the all-too-recent past.  Here's what happened in the Triple-A Indianapolis-Norfolk game last night:

Norfolk Bottom 9th
  • Pitcher Change: Dan Kolb replaces Kevin Gryboski.
  • J. R. House walks.
  • Mike Cervenak grounds into a force out, third baseman Russ Johnson to second baseman Luis Ordaz. J. House out at 2nd. Mike Cervenak to 1st.
  • Cesar Crespo strikes out swinging.
  • With Terry Tiffee batting, wild pitch by Dan Kolb, Mike Cervenak to 2nd.
  • Terry Tiffee walks.
  • Coaching visit to mound.
  • Brandon Fahey grounds out, shortstop Jose Hernandez to second baseman Luis Ordaz. Terry Tiffee out at 2nd.

That's our former All-Star, right there!  He got the save!