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Game Thread #15: Going for the Sweep (again...)

It's Jeff Suppan versus Zach Duke at 12:05 this afternoon, and once again, Ned sends out a pretty solid lineup against the lefty:

  • Weeks, 2B
  • Hardy, SS
  • Fielder, 1B
  • Hall, CF
  • Mench, LF
  • Hart, RF
  • Miller, C
  • Graffanino, 3B
I'm impressed: he's sat both Jenkins and Counsell for two days straight, something I didn't think he'd manage to do.  I'm afraid, though, that the reckoning will come this weekend, when Craig and Geoff catch up, and Gwynn will get a start or two rewarding him for his bunting prowess.  (Which is pretty cool, but not start-worthy.)

A few things to read before, during, or after the game:

And here at BCB, you can read the series preview or enter the DVD giveaway, which has about 32 hours to go.

Go Brewers!