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Game Thread #17: Stand Down, Mr. Aquino

If only pitcher wins and losses were as important as they seem to be come Cy Young voting time: by that standard, Chris Capuano is perfect this year, while Wandy Rodriguez has yet to win a single game.  Perhaps by the end of the night, their ERAs will be much less similar, as well.

Here's the lineup that will pounce on the Wandster:

  • Weeks, 2B
  • Hardy, SS
  • Fielder, 1B
  • Hall, CF
  • Mench, LF
  • Hart, RF
  • Miller, C
  • Graffanino, 3B
  • Capuano, P
You know, it's easy to rag on Ned for sitting Hart too much, but let's keep in mind: Jenkins has sat plenty, too.  That's got to be hard for the skipper.  Small victories, folks.

In other baseball news, Alfonso Soriano is moving to left field (at least for now) as he recovers from his injury, which could mean we see more of Felix Pie. In Arizona, injuries have led to Dana Eveland getting the callup to the big leagues. May he succeed greatly against 28 major league clubs of my choosing.

Go Brewers!