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Two Out of Three Just Got Tougher

Well, I've been in a sleep-deprived state all week, so while I was waiting to turn on my to watch the game last night, I fell asleep.  Not to wake up for a very long time.  So, apologies for the lack of a game recap.  

I'm just now looking over the box score, and let me get this straight: Greg Aquino gave up a grand slam to Craig Biggio?  That can't be right, can it?  I mean, don't the laws of physics generally prevent [stuff] like that from happening?  At this point, I feel like we could randomly choose a pitcher from Brevard County and that would be an improvement.  (No offense, Manatees pitchers: there's really no doubt.)

Nice outing from Sheets, but still not in classic form -- two walks and four strikeouts is not the Sheeter way.  Two runs in seven innings is  good enough for me, though, regardless of how he gets it.

As for tonight, I thought I'd cheer you up with some numbers:

Tonight's game isn't a must-win, but if we don't want to be embarassed at home by a team that will probably be below .500 at the end of the's a must-win.