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Twelve Innings of Cherry Goodness

Oh, what a game.  This is the sort of contest worth being a baseball fan for.  Just incredible.

The big story today was the Brewers bullpen.  Vargas went only four innings, but the 'pen kept the Cubs off the board for eight more innings.  That included two from Dessens and four from Villanueva.  Turnbow nailed it down against the heart of the Cubs order.  Hats off to those guys, especially Carlos.

Another tip of the cap to Prince Fielder, too.  He hit two monster home runs, the first in the eighth inning to close the gap to one run, the second in the twelfth inning to score the go-ahead run.  As the announcers like to say, it's nice to have some runners aboard when you hit 'em.  But as I like to say, screw you guys.  

The game had its share of blights: Johnny Estrada left the game with an injury, caused by careless play on Fielder's part.  Vargas wasn't awful, but he sure wasn't very good.  And Chris Spurling looked like he'll fill the Aquino role perfectly.  Weirdly, Corey Hart never got into the game.  For that, I think he deserves a couple of starts.

What else can I say?  Nothing feels better than an extra-inning win, and given the struggles of the Brewers pen lately, it's all the more fun to watch guys like Dessens and Villanueva put up zero after zero.  This moves the Brewers up to 12-7, which, combined with Houston's loss to Philadelphia, means we're 2.5 games up on the pack.  It's early, but it's still awesome.