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Jeff Suppan Earns His Money

I said before the game that this one would come down to the starters.  After last night's 12-inning game, both bullpens needed a rest, and both starters are guys capable of throwing lots of innings.  I'll admit I was worried: Suppan is hardly a shutout type of guy, while Hill has been that good recently.

But tonight, Suppan outpitched Hill.  Eight innings, eight hits, and no runs.  He was helped by some nice defense, including three double plays and a couple of line drives that went straight to Rickie Weeks.  He was always pitching out of jams, but as we've learned, that's the Suppan way--he seems to become a better pitcher with runners on.  He certainly was tonight.

Hill pitched pretty well too, but Prince got a hold of one and hit it way out of the park against the wind, which was blowing straight in.  Three runs in 6.2 innings is nothing to be ashamed of--in fact, that'll be enough to beat the Brewers plenty of times this year.  But it wasn't tonight.  Lou had to go to his own exhausted pen in the 7th, and while we only got one more run off of Rocky Cherry and Scott Eyre, it could've been a lot worse.

So, big picture: we're now 13 and 7, which is the second best record in baseball.  We're three up on the division, and the only team in the central with a record above .500.  Our run differential doesn't support that winning percentage, but it's still a good bit over .500, and there are plenty of things that could still improve--notably the defense, which I think is coming around already.

In the slightly smaller picture, we're now guaranteed a series win at Wrigley, getting the Cubs back for taking two out of three at Miller.  We're in great position for the sweep tomorrow (if the game isn't rained out, anyway, which seems like a strong possibility) with Ben Sheets against Ted Lilly and all kinds of momentum on our side.  It's a great time to be a Brewers fan!