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Into the Mind of the Yost

Good thing that Prince hit that home run in the twelfth inning, because things would've gotten messy, fast.  It seems that Corey Hart really wasn't available (ok, Nedley, I'm sorry for complaining about Corey not starting--those two days), and Cordero wasn't going to be used no matter what.  Now we know who the 13th pitcher is:

Had Monday's 12-inning marathon stretched on two more scoreless frames, outfielder Gross would have pitched and pitcher Dave Bush would have played right field.

..."I've got a sinker, but I don't know if it sinks. And I've got a cutter, don't know if it cuts," Gross joked. "I can throw a breaking pitch, but I don't know what you could call it. I can throw strikes, I do know that."

I'd love to see this.  

In other news, here's a thorough update on the Estrada situation.  Seems like we dodged the bullet there.  I was entertained by this paragraph:

The 6-foot-0, 262-pound (according to the team's media guide) Fielder has done some damage in the past. The most dramatic incident was last May 4, when Fielder bowled over Giants catcher Todd Greene at home plate in a Brewers win, knocking the baseball loose and knocking Greene out of the game. Teammate Geoff Jenkins suffered a concussion on June 4, when he and Fielder collided while chasing a foul pop down the right-field line. And in mid-July, Diamondbacks first baseman Conor Jackson missed two games with a strained shoulder after applying a swipe tag to Fielder, who was barreling down the line.

The best part: even Adam McCalvy, beat writer for the official site and general spouter of the company line, subtly casts doubt on Prince's actual weight.  More seriously, this makes me all the happier that Prince and Rickie didn't collide chasing the popup yesterday.  Something tells me Rickie wouldn't survive it as well as Estrada did.

Finally, here's my THT column for today, continuing my look at active players headed to the Hall of Fame.  

Oh, and one more article: this week at Heater, the fantasy magazine, I subbed for Dave Studeman, and wrote about the future of the Devil Rays.  Heater is a paid subscription, but it's a mighty cheap one that's worth it.  Plus, if you click on the ad at Beyond the Boxscore (look in the left sidebar), you'll get a few bucks off.